Why Is YouTube So Hard?

Why Is YouTube So Hard?

Every famous entrepreneur has gone through a long period of struggle and hard work. Before you even start making your first YouTube video, you’ll need to make a commitment in the content making, video making, write-ups, and all. Why is YouTube so hard? Follow my tips because this will make it easier.


Every minute, 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube around the world. Therefore, the competition is tough, and making growing a Youtube account is more difficult.




Why is YouTube So Hard? 


YouTube is the second most-visited website on the internet, and in an age when we spend up to six hours per day watching video, the writing is on the wall. It is a dynamic platform that is always changing and evolving. Funny cat videos and dogs on skateboards are no longer popular. If you want to stand out on YouTube, you should use as many promotional tactics as possible.





You’ll need to develop a somewhat unique YouTube channel if you want to be noticed. Share your personal story to show the world what makes your YouTube channel valuable. The main takeaway when you create content for YouTube, make sure people are looking and searching for the topics you are making.



Why Your YouTube Channel Isn’t Growing:


Mistake #1: People Are Scared Of Technology 

The first and most common YouTube mistake everyone makes is that people are just scared of the technology. What I see a lot of people do is they use that as an excuse.


They say, “I can’t film content for YouTube, because I’ve got to get a videographer, or I’m waiting to save up to buy this big expensive digital camera.”


That isn’t true. You don’t need to make your channel with techie stuff. A lot of people start making their channels with just their phone that they’ve got.



If they enjoy your content and get value from it they are not going to be too concerned about the quality of the image. If they don’t like your content or get value from it then they’re going to leave your channel and go somewhere else.  The quality of the content is important. But the actual camera and stuff like that is not so essential.


You also don’t need to start learning video editing software, just upload it as its made.  As your channel grows you can add that stuff in future.


As you build your channel and grow an audience you can add more tech.  But don’t start and don’t delay launching your channel thinking you need lots of tech.




Mistake #2: Getting Too Excited On The Metrics 

Sample of YouTube Metrics

YouTube metrics are important on videos. But we get too excited with the metrics. We’re so worried about subscribers, we’re so worried about views on our channel.




What metrics are important?

  • Are you generating any revenue from your content?
  • Do the views actually turn into customers?
  • Are the views actually getting you the right type of potential clients?
  • Are you getting leads in your business?


NOTE: It doesn’t really matter how many subscribers you get, that’s more of a vanity metric.





Mistake #3: Too Focused On The Wrong Topic 

The third YouTube mistake everyone makes is we have the tendency to get too focused on the wrong topic.


I see this happen a lot when people start a channel. What people do is make content that we know that the client needs but we should actually focus on is what they actually want.


My personal experience: 

During the pandemic, the government were providing funding via Bounce Back Loans (BBL), I was looking into funding my business with a bounce back loan, and just having that money there if I needed it.


When I was looking on YouTube and Google the information provided by people was really poor. So I decided to get a bounce back loan and went through everything, I documented it then I made a YouTube video on it.


That YouTube video did particularly well. I doubled down on that content and made more of it. That’s not normally my type of content I produce. I normally teach marketing strategies. That’s what I’m known for being a world class marketer.


However my audience wanted content about Bounce Back Loans so thats what I started to produce.

Bounce Back Loan Video

At the end of the video, I said, “Hey, look, actually what’s going to fix your business more, is marketing properly, not getting a loan.  You need to focus on getting customers into your business. Let me help you with that.”




Mistake #4: Scared To Make A Mistake 

Next being scared to make a mistake.


So once you get some momentum on your channel, a lot of people like to play it safe.  They stop taking risks with their content and potentially finding their next huge Youtube hit.


It’s often the videos where you take a bit of a risk, and a gamble that are the ones that do really really well for you. Get out your comfort zone, go out there and make some content that makes you stand out in your marketplace. YouTube is all about standing out. So that is a common mistake that people get too comfortable. And sometimes your channel can actually decline because of that, which isn’t good.




Mistake #5: Not Using YouTube Thumbnails 

Thumbnails are vital. Video thumbnails let viewers see a quick snapshot of your video as they’re browsing YouTube. They are the graphic that in a search result is going to encourage someone to click on your video.


Click here if you don’t know how to place YouTube thumbnails in YouTube. 


A good thumbnail captures their attention and brings that person through to video. Hire a designer through Fiverr or any other outsourcing site. There are plenty of amazing graphic designers who all they do it create amazing thumbnails for as low as £1.


If you want to make your own thumbnails you can use a site line www.canva.com. It’s essential that you have good thumbnails because it encourages a high click through rate. YouTube will reward you and show you more frequently on the page because of that.




Youtube Channel Growth Tips:


1st Tip: Create Interesting Titles

Writing engaging titles is one way to promote your new YouTube channel and get views. When someone is browsing YouTube, it is the title that will entice them to click on your video and watch it.



2nd Tip: Determine Your Audience’s Needs

Make an educated guess as to what topics your audience might enjoy, and then create content around those topics. You’re going to get some data eventually. Your audience will tell you what they like and don’t like in terms of content.


You’ll have videos with more views than others; pay attention to the data and produce more of what people want.



3rd Tip: Target What People Are Searching For

Start typing a list of keywords into Youtube once you have a list of keywords you believe people are looking for.


You’ll notice that the search bar begins to anticipate what you’ll type. Those are the kinds of video titles you should be making. Youtube has billions of pieces of data, which they are generously sharing with you.


You can try out some of the best practices for YouTube titles by following these steps:

YouTube SearchWhen you start a YouTube search, automated suggestions can help you find what you’re looking for faster. These are known to as “search predictions.” These suggestions are based on possible target keywords related to what you’re looking for and what others have searched.


YouTube predicts searches based on factors such as popularity and similarity. Usually what appears on the prediction basically means these are the topics that most people search on YouTube.



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