NEVER Do This If You Want More Clients

NEVER Do This If You Want More Clients

Now, marketing is how you’re going to get leads, and then ultimately the leads, you’re going to turn some of those into customers. NEVER do this if you want more clients.


I’ve certainly made bad decisions over the years, many of which have cost me thousands of dollars (some tens of thousands). I used to beat myself up about these costly mistakes, but I got sick of it. It served no purpose, and my attention was drawn to the loss rather than the lesson to be learned.


Every company relies on marketing to help it expand. Effective marketing generates a consistent, predictable flow of qualified leads for a company’s sales team to turn into paying customers. However, if the flow of leads stops, so does the growth of the company.



Mistakes You’re Do That’s Costing You Money


Over the years, I have observed that the biggest mistake we probably do as business owners that’s costing us money is selling to people who don’t know us. Here are common marketing mistakes to avoid so your audience and your brand is best served.


1. You make an immediate pitch for your goods and services

You’re trying to market your business when the public is simply not interested. This indicates that they have not warmed up to you, that they are unfamiliar with you, and that they dislike you. First and foremost, you must establish a rapport with others.


People’s ability to recognize your brand’s logo or name, as well as their associations with it, is referred to as brand awareness. Your company’s sales and success are directly influenced by the reputation of your brand. It does not have to be difficult to market your company. Simple techniques for increasing awareness and retention could be the focus.



Here are three ways to build brand awareness:

  1. Content
  2. Social media
  3. Thought leadership




2. Poor research 

You must first understand your customers before launching a marketing campaign. To be compelling, your campaign must consider the audience, regardless of its purpose (building brand awareness, increasing engagement, generating leads, etc.).


Set aside a portion of your marketing budget for research. Use these funds to test different messages and offers across various marketing channels, such as email newsletters, social media, direct mail, and so on, to see how they perform before investing more time and money into a campaign. It’s commonly referred to as A/B testing. Once you’ve discovered a winning campaign, you can scale it to reap the benefits.




3. Failure to gain repeat customers

Existing customers account for 80% of sales and profits in most businesses, with new customers accounting for the remaining 20%. Your profits could suffer if you don’t retarget your current customer base to get them to buy again.


Selling to a new customer is five times more expensive than selling to an existing customer, so focus a few of your marketing campaigns on your existing customer base to increase repeat sales. You’ll not only reach a larger audience of potential buyers, but you’ll also ensure that you’re putting enough effort into your core customer base.




4. Unwillingness to adapt

Businesses, like people, must evolve and grow in order to thrive. In today’s fast-paced business environment, businesses that are unwilling to incorporate new technology, test new platforms, or experiment with new audiences are unlikely to remain profitable.


The most successful companies do everything possible to adapt their marketing strategies to changing trends and reach out to new customers. Experimenting with different social media channels or marketing strategies and techniques can help you reach a larger audience and maximize your potential profits.




Reasons why your marketing does not work


Every company relies on marketing to help it expand. Effective marketing generates a consistent, predictable flow of qualified leads for a company’s sales team to turn into paying customers. However, if the flow of leads stops, so does the growth of the company.


Some of the reasons why your marketing is not working:


  • Your message is confusing

As business owners, we can get a little too close to the action at times. We spend so much time and energy working on our businesses that we forget how to connect effectively with people who aren’t familiar with our industry.


  • You’re talking to the wrong audience

The issue isn’t always with your product, service, or even marketing strategies. Sometimes the issue is that you’re presenting your business to the wrong audience: one that doesn’t require your services, can’t afford them, or doesn’t want to consume them in the manner in which you do.


  • You’re asking for too much all at once

The majority of customers and clients take their time before making a purchase. And the more significant their investment, the longer it usually takes. This means that a significant amount of the traffic to your website or social media sites is made up of people conducting research but not yet ready to buy.





Ways To Attract Customers Into Your Business: 


1. Build a strategy for success 

To make your business profitable, you should first design a strategy. Then, address questions like what product/service you’ll offer, how you’ll attract customers, who’ll make choices, how problems (both employee and customer) will be resolved, and so on.


Keep in mind that your company may confront challenges on its way to success. As a result, make sure you incorporate alternate strategies in your plan so that if the first doesn’t work, the second will.


Consider the following when you develop a strategy for your company’s success in 2022 and beyond:

  • Have a vision that is attainable.
  • Concentrate on gaining a competitive advantage. Pricing strategy, delivery system, after-sales service, and other aspects of your business that you may excel at over your competitors.
  • To avoid confusion between sales, marketing, and other tactics, set explicit goals.
  • Ensure that all decisions (concerning the firm, staff, and consumers) are based on facts.
  • Focusing on the short term may not be beneficial to your company. As a result, extend your horizons and consider the long term.




2. Focus on giving out valuable contents (do not hard sell) 

People have become resistant to hard-selling methods as a result of being exposed to thousands of advertising every day. As a result, brand sales demands rarely succeed in persuading customers to change their minds.

Instead of trying to hard-sell your product or service, focus on giving out valuable contents to your customers about why it is important to them. Explain how it will benefit them and make their life easier. Also, make sure you and other business decision-makers know the difference between customer education and hard-selling.


Consider the following options:

  • You can help your customers view or experience your products and services by using samples or live demos.
  • Use your website, emails, social media channels, and other mediums to provide educational and valuable material to your customers.
  • Organize workshops where your consumers may learn different methods to use and get the most out of your product/service.




3. Get the customers you have to buy from you more frequently.

It costs up to 3x more money to acquire new customers than it does to sell something to an existing customer. So maybe you need to put promotions or offers and get them to come back as repeat customers. Lots of people push to get new clients all the time. But what they don’t realise is they’ve got a great customer base that they could go back to, and sell more stuff to them. Loyal customers are so much better than finding new customers every single day.




So you’ve got to build a relationship. You need to have a system that shows people that we’re an expert that allows them to dip their toe in and just see whether they’re interested a little bit more. Your company is vulnerable if your marketing isn’t working. The good news is that you can correct the problem and get your company back on track. Take the time to conduct a thorough review of your marketing strategy and systems.


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