Big Updates To Youtube 2022

Big Updates To Youtube 2022

New YouTube changes ahead! YouTube has been making changes on a regular basis, adapting to the needs of its users as well as laws and regulations. This video will keep you up to date on the big updates to YouTube in 2022.


YouTube is the second most-visited website on the internet, and in an age when we spend up to six hours per day watching video, the writing is on the wall. Today, let me talk to you about YouTube channel growth tips. YouTube is a dynamic platform that is always changing and evolving. Funny cat videos and dogs on skateboards are no longer popular. If you want to stand out on YouTube, you should use as many promotional tactics as possible.


Big Updates To YouTube 2022:



1. Research Tab in YouTube Studio

The YouTube Keyword Tool is a free keyword suggestion tool that can be used to find the most popular YouTube keywords. This is one of the upcoming big updates on YouTube 2022. One of the best YouTube keyword research tools for finding popular top YouTube keywords for your videos and channel.

YouTube Analytics can now be used by creators to see how their channels are performing in terms of expected metrics and to create content that will appeal to their audiences more.


The new ‘Research’ feature lets you see what your viewers and audiences have been looking for in the last 28 days. You can also get information about similar channel searches, content gaps, and search volume for each term, which is ranked as low, medium, or high, and can be filtered by geography and language.


Sign in to your YouTube studio account and go to ‘Analytics’ on the left side menu to get these details. After that, go to ‘Research’ and start typing any topic or term into the search bar. You can also view your saved search items, view Google Trends, report, or unsave a search item.



The best part of this new update is that is has a feature called “Content Gaps”. A content gap is a way of measuring what viewers are searching for and the results they find. You may want to use a content gap as a starting point to research videos that don’t exist or could be improved.



A content gap can happen when:

  • Viewers can’t find any results for their searches.
  • the exact match is not found
  • Viewers can’t find relevant videos for their searches, for example, the content is old or low quality.

Content gaps for creators actually means we can get some view for that search traffic.



2. Thumbnails! 

This is what gets the click, right? This is what sells and makes you click the video itself.


You might be wondering why custom thumbnails are important to A/B test. The reason is self-evident. The click-through rate is the most important factor in getting your videos discovered on YouTube and gaining more traffic (CTR). Your click-through rate is directly related to your thumbnail.



What exactly is CTR?

It’s the difference between the number of people who saw your video and the number of people who watched it. The better the video performs, the higher the click-through rate. When YouTube suggests something, more people will click on it.




3. Other Updates

YouTube’s harassment and cyberbullying policy regarding the sharing of personally identifiable information was strengthened in April. You can no longer share medical records or other personal information with anyone.

It’s also created a new guideline called ‘Inappropriate content for kids and families’ to help advertisers tailor ads to children’s needs. It’s broken down into three sections: “Content that encourages negative behavior,” “Mature content aimed at kids,” and “Shocking content aimed at kids.”




Youtube Channel Growth Tips


1st Tip: Create Interesting Titles

Writing engaging titles is one way to promote your new YouTube channel and get views. When someone is browsing YouTube, it is the title that will entice them to click on your video and watch it.


2nd Tip: Determine Your Audience’s Needs

Make an educated guess as to what topics your audience might enjoy, and then create content around those topics. You’re going to get some data eventually. Your audience will tell you what they like and don’t like in terms of content.


You’ll have videos with more views than others; pay attention to the data and produce more of what people want.


Tip 3: Focus on what people are looking for.

Concentrate on what you believe people are looking for.



3rd Tip: Target What People Are Searching For

Start typing a list of keywords into Youtube once you have a list of keywords you believe people are looking for.


You’ll notice that the search bar begins to anticipate what you’ll type. Those are the kinds of video titles you should be making. Youtube has billions of pieces of data, which they are generously sharing with you.


You can try out some of the best practices for YouTube titles by following these steps:

YouTube SearchWhen you start a YouTube search, automated suggestions can help you find what you’re looking for faster. These are known to as “search predictions.” These suggestions are based on possible target keywords related to what you’re looking for and what others have searched.


YouTube predicts searches based on factors such as popularity and similarity. Usually what appears on the prediction basically means these are the topics that most people search on YouTube.


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