5 Steps To Getting More Leads And More Sales Online FAST

5 Steps To Get More Leads And More Sales Online

5 Steps to get more leads and more sales online, let me demystify internet marketing for your business.


I’ve worked with thousands of Business Owners to help them grow their business using digital marketing.  I noticed a few things over the years working with people.  The most common thing Business Owners do is try to get married on a first date.



Thats super creepy, you would not do this in real life.  But online MOST Business owners offer their products and services far too soon.



Amazon are really bad at Social Media which is great for smaller businesses.  This post has 70 likes, now if you posted on Facebook you might be pretty pleased with 70 likes.  However Amazon’s UK Facebook page has 5,535,688 likes, that means 0.00001% of their followers like the post.


The reason is clear, they are just selling to people who are not ready to buy.


Let’s look at a post by Gary Vaynerchuk which is just content and value.  Gary has 4,683,511 likes on his Facebook page for comparison.


This post has 25,000 likes which is 0.005% of the audience.  This is a huge improvement and shows the importance of leading with value online.


What happens online quite often is business owners try and get married on a first date. It’s creepy.


What does this mean for your business?


Business owners expect that when they can put an advert online,  people will come buying with their products or service.


That doesn’t really work.


What should you do? 


You need to take your customers in baby steps. There is a systematic process to target the best leads into your business and to avoid time-wasters.


Want more of your ideal customer? Check out this post on how to create your customer avatar.


Start by giving them value and content just like what you’re reading right now. This is me giving out content,  you should be learning something here that will help your business. 


Why Is Content Important?


Just about any marketing goal you set can be achieved through good content marketing. It’s your ticket to capturing your audience’s attention and continually reinforcing a positive brand impression. 


  • Content positions you as an expert
  • Gives value to the audience
  • It educates your audience,
  • Inspires them, and just
  • Takes them believing that they need your product or service


My client Fabio used to be a Pizza 🍕 Chef, he wanted to share his skills to a bigger audience so created a Pizza Course.  Now if he just went and advertised that course it would be very difficult for him to get sales.


His first job is to use content to demonstrate he is an expert and build trust with an audience.  The above video has over 67,000 views and sold a ton of his Pizza course.


Thats the power of content.


Once you post some content, this is when you give something away. To get a lead and sale, you have to first provide value. And that’s the function of lead magnets.


James Nicholson Webinar


Here are some sample of stuff you can give away:

  1. Guide
  2. Poll
  3. Discount voucher
  4. Ebook
  5. Checklist


30 Lead Gen Secrets

Above it an example of an ebook I give away, its full of ideas to get more leads online so super valuable to my prospects.  (Hint go click on the link above and grab your copy now)


Next you have the chance to turn them into a customer. You do that by either giving something away at a very, very good price. This will effectively open their wallet and get them to try your product or service.  It should be an impulse buy, so ideally under £10.


I do that giving my book away for FREE they just pay for the shipping.



Go grab a copy of my book for FREE here.


Another way to to get them to book an appointment or visit with you.


Steps To Get More Leads And More Sales Online


You could also get them to register for a webinar where you sell them something.   Ive got a webinar that goes into great details on getting a keeping clients here.


The fourth step is to offer your core produce or service, mine is my Business Accelerator.


Steps To Get More Leads And More Sales Online


And last but not least, you need to continue to sell to your clients.  So many business owners just chase new clients, when you could create new products and services and offer them to your clients.


Think Apple, they constantly create new products that their customers are interested in.


Be the Apple in your niche.


My business started out with just my Business Accelerator training.  Then I added my book, digital products as well as mentoring.   It served my clients better as I had a product for every business at every budget.


Business Accelerator Product Ladder


If you found this useful, and that’s got you thinking, How can I get this working in my business? I would start by grabbing a FREE copy of my book Expert Mastery.


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