The Number One Thing That Kills Businesses Growth

Things That Kills Businesses Growth

Every entrepreneur’s goal is to grow a profitable business but often times there’s things that holds us back. Click on here as I share what I observe the number one thing that kills businesses. Is your business drowning despite your best efforts? Here are the things that kills business growth.


Often perfection is something that’s crippling most business owners and stopping them getting the results they deserve.

There are several factors that can easily destroy a business, and by identifying these factors, you may be able to make some highly beneficial changes to give your business the extra footing it needs to be the success you know it can be. These are some of the most typical factors that might lead to a company’s downfall. Let me tell you what they are.



Factors That Kills Business Growth


  • Your business product

I’ve come across that time and time again, people just telling me that their product or their service is just not quite ready to launch. When in fact, you just need to get it out there. I’ve seen it time and time again, the people that just get their products launched and then tweak them, modify them, and improve them over time are the ones that get real success in business.


  • Poor marketing strategy 

Your marketing strategy will have an impact on both your business expenses and revenue. A poor marketing approach may generate limited results while also costing you a significant sum of money. It might be better to change to a new strategy or test with alternative marketing options to see if a few tweaks might help you reach your target demographic more effectively.


  • You don’t have a customer avatar

When starting a business, you must first determine who your target market is. Are you targeting fitness-obsessed women or men? How frequently will these customers buy from you? An customer avatar is a fictional character that helps us understand who our ideal customers are so that we can find them more easily. I have a full on tutorial about customer avatars and you can click HERE.


  • Poor leadership

If your company is large enough to have a management team, you’ll want to make sure that everyone on the team is willing to think outside the box, energize the company, and take a few chances in order to develop the company.


  • Uncompetitive pricing

When your prices are excessively expensive, customers who are doing comparison shopping may easily choose to do business with someone else. Meanwhile, when prices that are too cheap, on the other hand, can have a negative impact. You need to know how to charge premium pricing for your business.



Example of imperfect businesses that launched their products: 

Apple II

A case example is Apple. They’ll launch software that’s far from perfect, and they’ll just keep tweaking it. Over time, those products do become as close to perfect as they can get.


That’s what you can do in your business. By launching it as an imperfect product, you have that option to see first off. You’ve got the opportunity to if you get sales, then look at improving it making it better. Making a version 2.0 and a 3.0 until you get it absolutely perfect.




  • So my tip is stop being perfect. Get yourself working on just getting something launched getting out there. Fix it afterwards, and your business will fly.


  • It’s never too early to start thinking about growth, whether you’re spinning around a business idea or working your first year. After all, the goal of every entrepreneur is to build a successful company.


  • Start with a detailed business strategy to ensure that your company is destined for success. Your business plan is a fantastic growth tool. It will serve as your success road map, and it will guide you through the milestones you’ll need to hit in order to develop a successful company.

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