Ways To Grow Your Facebook Engagement

Ways To Grow Your Facebook Engagement

Starting a Facebook Page might be easy but with the falling organic reach and engagement, growing a Facebook Page can be challenging.  In times of constant change of algorithm, how can you still reach your full potential on Facebook? C]Here are ways to grow your Facebook engagement.


What is Facebook Engagement? 

The word “engagement” may be intimidating and loaded for commitment phobes, but for social media marketers, Facebook involvement is the holy grail. We should take note that there are many elements in a page for it to reach engagements.


Of course, we’re not talking about popping the big Q; we’re talking about increasing your Facebook Page’s engagements (reactions, shares, and comments).

The Engagement metric determines how effective your postings are and how well you connect with your followers. The number of likes, comments, shares, and clicks your posts receive on Facebook are used to create engagement metrics.


When evaluating the efficacy of your marketing campaigns and overall strategy, these are the most crucial KPIs to examine. Page engagements are used by Facebook’s algorithm to decide which news feeds your updates will appear in and their overall reach.



  • Likes: How many people have clicked the “like” button on your post.
    The amount of people who have left comments on your posts. These are shown on your page, under the post on which the user left a remark.
  • Shares: This is the amount of times a user has shared your post on their own Facebook page. This will also be visible in their timelines.
  • Clicks: The number of times a user clicks on an image or link in your article is referred to as “clicks.” Users will be directed to the link you specify.
  • Reach: The number of people who have seen your message in their timelines is referred to as “reach.” The reach of boosted posts (Facebook Ads) will be displayed as both organic and paid.


Ways To Grow Your Facebook Engagement


1. Educate, entertain, inform, and inspire 

Your Facebook audience isn’t searching for a sales pitch, and they won’t engage with one either. They want to interact with stuff that makes them laugh, think, or helps them improve their lives in some way.


2. Get to know your audience 

But here’s the thing: what entertains or inspires you isn’t necessarily relevant. It’s the wants and needs of your audience that matter when it comes to engagement. And unless you actually know who your audience is, it’s difficult to figure out what those desires and requirements are.


Facebook Page Insights gives you a wealth of information about your fans. Look over this information carefully for any unexpected elements that could help you build a stronger bond with your audience.


3. Keep it short

The great majority of Facebook users—98.3 percent—use the service on their mobile devices. Keep your message brief and to-the-point to grab viewers’ attention and urge them to stop scrolling and participate.



4. Focus on value 

There’s no time for poor visuals, videos, or text when consumers are skimming through stuff.

If you’re short on creative material, content curation is a terrific approach to offer high-quality, helpful content that engages your audience.


5. Be relateable and human

Audiences are yearning for authenticity, whether it’s providing behind-the-scenes footage, showing honest and raw feelings, standing up for your principles, or posting a funny meme that acknowledges a relatable experience.

Don’t be afraid to get a little intimate or raw with your content — in some cases, being overly polished can actually feel cold.



6. Make live broadcasts

Engagement is significantly higher for video posts than for photo posts. Videography, like photography, can be simple and affordable to learn, and you can get started with your phone.

A rampant scroller can be caught off guard by even a brief, atmospheric film like this one from Glossier.


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