Why You Must Get A Business Mentor

Why You Must Get A Business Mentor

Does your business need a coach or mentor?  Its a question a lot of business owners ask themselves, let me share with you why you must get a business mentor.


I have been in business 15 years, when I started I tried to figure stuff out and keep my costs down.  The problem sometimes it took me weeks to figure stuff out, that slowed down my progress.


It cost me lots of money to figure out, if I had a mentor I could have got the short cut.


A business mentor can help to speed up the learning curve, its going to give you a short cut.   An experienced Business mentor will have fixed the issues you come up against.  So rather than spending money or time figuring it out, they can just tell you what they did to resolve the issue.


Any business owner can benefit significantly from a professional mentor who can help to speed up the unpredictable process with action plans, coaching programs, and coaching session.


Do you need a business mentor? 


My first business was selling consumer electronics, mostly iPod gadgets and gizmos, laptops, laptop accessories etc.


I thought I knew it all , I did not have a mentor and just figures stuff out.

James Nicholson first business


It did start off quite well. I built the business up to £2 million pounds a year turnover. I had a TV channel on Sky,  like a QVC, for gadgets called Buytech TV.


BuyTech TV 1
James Nicholson BuyTech TV 1


I never really got anyone to give me guidance that had already done that and trodden that path.


That Was A BIG Problem


My competitors did get mentors, they found people who already had scaled huge ecommerce stores.  Eventually they started to cruise by me and took market share I should have had.


Having mentors that had generated 100’s of millions in sales gave them solutions to most problems they came up against.


I was stubborn, trying to save money and figure it out.  I kick myself looking back I would have at least 10 times the sales if I took a mentor in those early days.


There are hundreds of mentors that have achieved what you want to achieve in your business.  They made all the mistakes you are likely to make, and can help you ensure you don’t make those same mistakes.


Find someone who has the results you want to achieve, they are going to be a great person to focus on getting as a mentor.


Should You Pay For A Business Mentor


The fastest way to get a mentor and keep that relationship is to pay them.  If you manage to find someone who will mentor you for FREE, the problem is you are then beholden to their availability.


Once you pay with them its a lot easier to reach out when you need help and support.


Another way to get access to a mentor at a more cost effective price is to join a business mastermind.  In a mastermind, you get 8 to 10 business owners and you sit around a table just working out the problems that you’ve got in your business.


More heads are better than one and thats the benefit of joining a business mastermind.  It not only gives you access to the mentor that runs it, it also gives you access to the other mentees who can also help you.


Think about how you can get a mentor in your business or join a mastermind group of any sort. It will give you a clarity and speed up your business success.



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