Is It Too Late To Start A Business?

Is It Too Late To Start A Business?

Is it too late to start a business? Being a successful entrepreneur has no time limit or expiration date. In fact, persons who start firms later in life may have some benefits over those who start their jobs earlier. Hear me out!


For every one of us, this global pandemic has changed the meaning of work and personal life. The move has exposed inefficient and antiquated systems, resulting in gaps. It’s now anyone’s game.



It’s never too late to start a business, even if you’re still in your twenties.

I’ll simply name a handful, but there are hundreds of well-known entrepreneurs who began their careers later in life. Here are a few that you might recognize:


  • Coca-creator, Cola’s John Pemberton (age 55)
  • Colonel Harland Sanders, KFC’s founder (age 65)
  • Ray Kroc, the man who made McDonald’s a success (age 52)
  • Kaiser Permanente was founded by Henry Kaiser (age 63)



Reasons Why It’s NEVER Too Late To Start A Business: 

1. Young and successful entrepreneurs are a stereotype

It appears that the media is the most responsible for propagating the myth that entrepreneurship is a young man’s game. BUT, it’s not! Being a business owner knows no age!



2. Older entrepreneurs are common usually MORE successful 

Companies founded by elder founders outperform those founded by younger founders. The average founder age rises to 43 when looking at the top 1% of companies (in terms of company performance).



3. Certain fields attract entrepreneurs that are older than average

Surprisingly, the notion that technology is a young man’s game is correct. The age gap, however, is not as great as one might imagine. That said, there are other fields that attract older entrepreneurs.




Tips In Starting A Business In A Late Age: 

There are several best practices that can put you on the road to business success, regardless of your age. These four suggestions, on the other hand, may be very useful for entrepreneurs who are establishing their first firm later in life.




1. Define and comprehend your goals

Why are you launching your company? What are your objectives? And how do you intend to go about it? Keep your goals in mind and be realistic about your startup’s potential. Have clear, attainable goals in mind, and write out the steps to achieving them.



2. Examine your financial situation

I advice you to do a financial assessment before getting started. Again, as someone with a few decades of professional experience, you’ll recognize the value of debt repayment and budgeting.


Examine your spending to discover where you can cut corners. Have three years’ worth of spending set aside.



3. Be consistent with your business plan

Consistency allows you to generate awareness, trust, and efficiently and profitably deliver your services. Your company is more likely to collapse if you don’t have it.


Consistency in your interactions with customers allows your company to establish a loyal customer base and provide a memorable customer experience for everyone. It is critical to understand what customers want and to provide it to them on a consistent basis.




It may sound cliched, but you don’t want to have regrets when you look back on your life. So don’t allow your age limit you in terms of what you can and can’t do. Although it may be too late to follow your desire of becoming a professional skateboarder, it is never too late to pursue your dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

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