Write The Perfect Instagram Caption

Write The Perfect Instagram Caption

Nailing your Instagram caption is almost as critical as the photo (or video) itself. Here’s how to write the perfect Instagram caption.


Your Instagram caption allows you to express your brand’s personality in ways that a photo can’t do alone. Captions also give you the ability to engage with your audience. You can ask questions, spark debates, and offer chances to win prizes if people like and follow your page.


How To Write A Perfect Instagram Caption


What is a caption? 

So the caption is the text, it’s a short, punchy piece, piece of text that you’re using in order to get people’s attention. The caption or description, different people use is basically the text that goes along with the post, right, excluding the hashtags. This needs to be something that really calls people are out and gets their attention.



Different types of copy: 


These are the different types of copy that you can use:

  • Short and Punchy Copy 

A short and punchy copy is less than one to two sentences. This type of copy grabs someone’s attention in just one to two sentences. This is good for quotes, meme posts, and question posts.


  • Short paragraphs 

Short paragraphs are one to three sentences good for quotes, tips and other graphics.


  • Long and in depth posts

A long and in depth post is anything that takes more explanation like stats, infographics, advice, explaining a challenging concept, news, etc. You just need to pick the one that really marries up to the type of post that you’re creating.



So you’ve got short and punchy, you’ve got short paragraphs, or you’ve got long, right. And that is really important that you pick the right one.



How can Instagram captions stand out? 


1. Use Emojis 


It’s essential that they grab people’s attention. One way to do that is to use emojis particularly on things like Instagram.


You’ve seen this stuff before. If we just have texts, it’s really hard to just grab someone’s attention potentially in a session on Instagram. They might be looking at hundreds of different posts so we need to grab their attention.







2. Use spaces and bullet points 


It’s important with the description that you space out the text. What you can actually do is write it in a notepad before you paste it into your Instagram. Since most Instagram users view on their phone, it needs to have more spacing than you’d normally have. This is to make your caption easy to read and they wouldn’t get lost with it



Wendy’s Burger has a post that has one sentence with spacing and bullet points. The caption does not budge all together.







3. Incorporate call to action button 


Besides all that stuff, you need an outcome. Each post that you put needs a specific outcome is it to brand your product, is it to sell your product is it to get leads. To get that to happen, you need to create a call-to-action button. Link in your bio, and the link in the bio should give something away. That’s normally how you’re going to get a lead, right.



In the description, what you need to do is tell them to go to the link in the bio. Avoid placing the link in your photo description and instead place the link in your bio.






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