The Future Of Business

The Future Of Business Is Automation

Automation is the future for all businesses today.


Too often, unnecessary things that we do on a daily basis slows down business. With the right systems, you can maximise efficiency and profits.


This is where the future of business automation comes in. Here are tips to get your business running more efficiently and effectively using automation.


Recently I went to Las Vegas and visited the Tipsy Robot, users create alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink combinations by accessing a simple app. The cocktail creations are assembled by two robotics.


Its bloody amazing, if you know me I love a gadget so I was not going to miss this place.


Tipsy Robot, Las Vegas
Tipsy Robot, Las Vegas
Tipsy Robot Menu
Tipsy Robot Menu

It’s an interesting feature. Lots of people are queuing up to try the robot cocktail machines.


In fact, it’s something that you’re going to start seeing a lot in businesses, all around the world.


Automation is really coming on leaps and bounds at the moment.


(Watch the Tipsy Robot in action here)


What is Automation in Business?


Business automation is the use of technology to execute recurring tasks or processes in a business where manual effort can be replaced. Automation can minimise costs, increase efficiency and streamline processes as well.


Executing automation in your business can be a stepping-stone in adopting new culture of continuous transformation. You can start with a few processes that are clearly in need of course correction and gradually work your way up.


You’ve got people like Amazon that are launching physical stores now that have literally hardly any staff. You can just walk in, tap in with your phone, or app, and then you do shopping. And after that, it will charge you on the way out.


This means there’s a lot of efficiencies in that business.


Amazon Fresh
Amazon Fresh

How Can I Automate My Business?


There’s a lot of opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs to automate tasks.


Its important to not go to fast and implement one task at a time to minimise impact on your business.


Over time you need to change your  business model so things can be taken over from the manual way they are currently done.


The easiest and most important thing to automate is your marketing.  I use Hootsuite to schedule my social media posts on Instagram, Twitter  and Facebook.


This has easily saved my business 20 hours per week. 


Another system my Business Accelerator students can’t live without is Active Campaign.   It can automatically send emails to clients, text messages and follow up with prospects until they buy.


If you dont have a good CRM like Active Campaign your business is really going to struggle in the near future.


Write down a list of what could you automate in your business.  Then each week try to reduce your workload by implementing one task that you no longer do.


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